Cerâmica Decorativa / Faiança

l1020880Apart from different examples of rustic Portuguese ceramics during the XVI to XIX centuries, the collection of the Museum ceramics, includes a set of earthen and porcelain of essentially Portuguese origin, apart from items originating from England, Holland and the Far-east.

Most of these pieces that came to us, are pieces made from the Rato Royal Fabric, the Vista Alegre, and Caldas da Rainha, Estremoz and Sacavem regions.

The most important element of this collection is doubtless, the Pedro de Faria bowl, in blue and white porcelain of the Ming dynasty, of Kia-Tsing Emperor, with the Nien-Hao seal. An extremely rare piece, which has an inscription “during the 1541 Time of Perero de Faria”, and was part of a serving set, commissioned to a local craftsman, by Pedro de Faria, captain of a Malacca trading post.