ESTELA ABOBODAThe Regional Museum of Beja possesses a large amount of items that span a very long time period – From the Prehistory to the present. Of which stands out its historic and artistic collections of Archeology, Paintings, Tile panels, Ceramics, Goldsmithery, Sculpture, Metrology and Metal Hardware.

For most of the collections gathering, it is only fair to point out the enormous dedication, and efforts, of Jose Umbelino Palma, Municipal civil servant, and Director of the Bejense newspaper, which was done during the XIX century last decade, when he not only gathered a large part of the Museum assets, as well as organized, divulged and, at the same time, incentivized and sensibilized a large number of local citizens, and region inhabitants, to donate important pieces to the Museum, so as to enlarge the different collections, and contribute to the safekeeping of the region’s cultural, artistic and archeological patrimony, that were in private hands and risking to otherwise disappear.